Pre-Wedding Coaching

Your wedding is a symbol of the love you have for each other and the amazing life transition you are about to go through. It's an opportunity to share a very special day with friends and family. With so much riding on this one day, stress and overwhelm are bound to get the better of many brides, couples and families.


With all those decisions to make, personalities to deal with, and financial and social challenges, every bride, every couple, and every hovering mom (they can't help themselves sometimes!), could use someone to talk to.  And that's where our coaching sessions come in- to introduce the right tools and strategies to make those mountains shrink to mole hills or prevent them from forming at all!

My wish is that all brides learn to be an Empowered Bride, with confidence in herself, clear about what she wants, ready to build a new life with her partner as well as live in harmony with all the people most important to her and her wedding. It takes skill and practice to handle stress and make the best choices without getting your emotions hijacked. 


The Empowered Bride Coaching is about helping couples create a joint vision for their wedding day and beyond, to build stronger authentic relationships with each other and with family and friends, and to build the skills that will last a life time. As your brainstorming and accountability partner, teacher and guide, I help you formulate and achieve your most exciting goals while decreasing the amount of stress and emotional energy you have to expend to get there.

Many times I end up working with just the bride (those pesky resistant men!), but I have to say, I really love to work with the couple together. Every coaching session is another opportunity to have an amazing conversation about topics that are so important to the future of your relationship, your marriage, your future family. It's not just about the wedding day - it's about creating your "Happily Ever After!"

Let me help you to make this a fun, exciting journey. Contact Me for your free consultation.

Sounds good... but how does this pre-wedding coaching work?


First we have a free consultation.  I'll learn more about you, and you can learn more about me, understand how pre-wedding coaching can tie into your life and decide if this is a good fit for you.


If you've enjoyed our consultation session, we'll set up your first coaching session and go in depth on your values, wants, needs and vision for your big day and beyond. 


Coaching sessions will continue through your pre-wedding timeline and can continue afterwards too. 
With support you will:

  • Set goals and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your dream wedding

  • Gain skills in stress and change management

  • Bring positive energy, emotion and fun into your daily life and learn how to balance wedding and non-wedding activities

  • Create personalized new perspectives, practices and strategies that will last a life time

  • Build lasting relationships with your fiance and their family

  • Conquer those awkward conversations and learn how to approach them in the future


What if I don't live near you, can you still be my coach?

I live in Shelton, CT but I've had clients all over the world!  Though I'm always happy to meet my clients in person, my most common form of communication is via video-conferencing (Zoom) or phone calls. My clients also keep in touch via email and text.

What if my Mom wants to work with you, or together with me?


Great!  I love working with support teams!  Being Mother of the Bride twice, and Mother of the Groom once, I can relate! I have worked with clients through all sorts of scenarios and I can assure you, no two families are the same... but one thing remains, the better your communication is, the stronger your relationships will be.  It's a wonderful opportunity to work with the bride along side her mother, mother-in-law or any other supporting member of her team! I am always happy to work with a Mother on her own as well.

How do I get started?

Contact Me & we'll schedule your Free Consultation Session... and your first step to becoming an Empowered Bride!