5 Tips to Happier Relationships (and a happier YOU)

We all have our good days and our bad days, and it’s the same with our relationships. Your all-important relationships can take a beating during the wedding-planning process, and it's not just your relationship with your fiancé (which is hopefully fabulous and stress-free), but don't forget the relationships you have with your parents, wedding party, guests, and wedding service providers. One of the keys to having more “good” than “bad” in your relationships is to analyze who you are BEING in the relationship and then making adjustments.

Try these 5 tips and you’ll see a difference in no time.

1. Taking control of who you are BEING begins with becoming aware of what you are doing right now; the way you talk to yourself, the way you respond to others, and the actions you take. Try to make a mental note of how positive you are being. Do you accept or judge? Do you forgive or hold grudges? Do you expect the worst or appreciate all that you have and all that others do?

Are you being more Positive or more Negative in your relationships?

2. It’s important to understand that you get back what you put out. If you want a more open and honest relationship, you need to be more open and honest. If you wish others would just speak their truth and stop avoiding or beating around the bush, you need to be willing to go there yourself. You also need to be willing to listen and not judge when that person is being straightforward with you. Otherwise they’ll never continue! So what is important to you?

What values do you hold dear and are you living up to them yourself or just demanding of others?

3. Pick a positive action, emotion or expression and then use it as often as you can for the next week. Adding positive emotions to the relationship system can only have a positive affect. Next week you’ll have had so much success you’ll want to try another! Here are a few to choose from: Appreciation, Acknowledgment, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Gratitude, Respect, Affection, Giving of your Time without expecting anything in return, Being present with your loved ones (not watching your phone for calls, texts, emails, twitters or anything else!)

A few trickier and more challenging skills to work on are Active Listening, Being Open to Influence (not steadfast in your opinion with your fingers in your ears!), and sharing your thoughts and feelings with the intention to inform, not control in any way.

What is ONE positive action, emotion or expression you can share today with your loved ones?

5. We all have a sense of what is working and what is not working. Be open to change if something is

not working and to be more in line with your values. You won’t lose your identity; you’ll lose all the roadblocks to a genuine, honest relationship.

What are you willing to do for the sake of your relationship? (can you let go of ego, expectations, drama?)

Good luck! As always, I am here to help. Give me a call to set up a free consultation and let’s get your life on track!

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