Weather Woes - or are they?

It's my wedding anniversary - an appropriate day to post this blog. Today a photo inspired my topic.

A bride and groom are posing for their wedding photo with the flat Kansas plain behind them. What is amazing is that there is not one but TWO funnel clouds clearly formed in the background. It was an active tornado! The article goes on to say that the storms were at least 8 miles away and going in the other direction, but still!! They had an outdoor wedding... in Kansas... during Tornado season. I guess they take it in stride!

My own wedding reception in 1980 was interrupted by a big rain storm. My husband and I got married on Aug 2, in my family church in White Plains, NY, and then had the reception at my parent’s home. It was a big old Victorian with a wrap-around porch (no tent in the yard) and luckily, we got through the toast outside, then everyone got inside before buckets fell. The DJ had to move into the living room, but most of guests were able to fit on the front porch to dance. It made for quite a cozy and lively atmosphere! People mentioned for years to come that it was the most fun wedding they’d been to. My parents even paid the DJ to stick around for a few extra hours. Now that is amazing! We were almost the first to leave in order to drive to our honeymoon location- Mystic, CT.

Moral of the story, be prepared and be quick on your feet. And who knows what is good and what is bad. If the tornado hadn’t been in the background, no one would have seen this beautiful couple on The Weather Channel. And if we hadn’t had so much rain, maybe our reception wouldn’t have turned out to be so special.

Please share your own stories!

and here’s the link to The Weather Channel story…

Tornado Wedding Photo

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