The Empowered Bride Is...

Some days we wake up feeling ready to conquer the world.

Other days it feels like the world is conquering us!

When I'm feeling more like the latter, I say the words, "I am empowered by what I think, feel, and do." I love the word "empowered" because it reminds me that I have the power to make things happen, to make conscious choices and to influence my results. When someone feels empowered, they are more likely to feel ready to conquer rather than be conquered. Feeling empowered is directly related to thinking powerful thoughts and taking action that supports our desires.

I'm sure you'll agree that if anyone needs to feel empowered as often as possible, it's a bride-to-be. With all the event planning, family and friend negotiating, budget finagling, time managing, and tradition-following, there is huge potential for feeling conquered, stressed and in overwhelm.

On the flip side, an Empowered Bride feels confident and self-assured. She knows what she wants and takes steps to achieve it. She's not afraid to speak up and ask for help or to delegate tasks to members of her "team". She takes the time to have crucial conversations with her partner, family and friends, rather than avoiding key topics. She focuses on building lasting relationships rather than demanding or avoiding at the expense of relationships.

I'm not saying that Empowered Brides never experience stress or angst - it's how they manage difficult situations that will make the difference between conquering and being conquered. An Empowered Bride is resilient and able to take challenges in stride, to be proactive to prevent disasters, and to take time out for self-care and fun!

In eight years of coaching, I've noticed that the number one predictor of feeling empowered is ones' ability to consciously choose their mindset.

If someone tends to feel like another person is in control or that life is creating too many challenges for her to handle, she will never feel empowered.

The moral of the story: next time you are feeling conquered, remember these words, "I am empowered by what I think, feel, and do."

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