The Steps that Led Me Here

I've been married since 1980 to my dear husband Steve. We had three weddings in three and a half years and boy, did I see the value of coaching through those big life transitions! I was really looking forward to being the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom. What I didn't realize was the amount of planning, negotiating, decision making, disappointments, and stress it would put in our path - and I'm talking about the relationship between me and my kids - not to mention between the bride and groom and all the other people involved.

This is when I knew coaching was a key to getting through this transition with joy and love rather than frustration, anger, fear, or any other upsetting emotions. It is the reason why I developed my wedding coaching niche - to support the relationships that are under such stress during the pre- and post-wedding phases.

I've been coaching brides and couples since 2010 and loving every experience. 

The biggest takeaway for most brides and couples is to slow down, trust yourself, and keep the lines of communication open. It helps if you can  set boundaries and expectations AND go with the flow; be assertive as well as seek harmony; stay on top of things AND take time to relax.

Wedding coaching helps you find the balance so that you can enjoy this big life transition AND prepare for the marriage that follows. 

More about Monica

If I could use one word to describe what I love about life, it would be connection. I am most energized and in my element when surrounded by and working with people. I grew up in a big family (the seventh of 10 children!) and have an innate drive to connect with others. That quality has inspired me to become incredibly engaged in my community, and to be a source of empowerment and positive change for others. 


Facilitating awareness and personal growth is my passion. I jump at opportunities to engage with others by doing personal and team coaching, presentations and group trainings, as well as co-facilitating my women's networking group (Authentic Connections), and taking on leadership roles in several business and community organizations.


My greatest joy in life is family: being a wife to my husband of 37 years, Steve, and the mother of my three incredible children, who have truly been my inspiration on this journey to develop my coaching practice.

The life I lead is a blessed one, which is why I’ve made it my life’s work to help people wake up to what’s truly possible in their lives. I believe that anything is possible, as long as we align our actions with our values and remain aware of our progress at each step of the way.
I have studied “The Masters” in life and leadership transformation and know deeply that much of success comes when what you think, feel, and do are in alignment. This also involves communication with others and creating relationships that add to your growth, joy, and ease instead of causing stress and overwhelm.
Pulling from a vast array of tools and strategies, I help my clients take bold new steps to achieve the goals they hold most important, beginning with a shift toward positive, outcome-oriented, and strategic thinking. 

For the brides, couples, and parents I work with, that means the are able to "Dream It, Plan It, Do It, and Live It".