The Empowered Bride free Webinar - Next Webinar coming this summer. Email me for dates and times.

There are many options to connect with The Empowered Bride Wedding Coaching; private coaching, couples coaching, small group "boot camps", monthly newsletters, webinars, and more.


To learn the 7 Secrets of the Empowered Bride and to ask any questions, please email me to sign up for a free introductory webinar. 


On this Webinar You’ll Discover:
  • How to gain clarity and confidence for your wedding plans and your marriage

  • How to incorporate family traditions while still creating your own unique and personal day

  • How to gracefully handle conflicting opinions

  • How to regain calm when feeling overwhelmed or anxious

  • Tips for keeping the plan moving forward

Registration for the Free Webinar

Let me know the session that fits your schedule:

Tuesdays at 7 pm

Thursdays at noon

Saturdays at 1 pm


You're not going to want to miss this opportunity to learn about the 7 Secrets of an Empowered Bride and the tools and strategies to prevent the stress and drama that can overshadow your happiness.

If you have any questions, please contact Monica at or call 203-209-5462.

Coming soon...there's more!

The Empowered Bride Boot Camp

Next Boot Camp is coming this Fall, 2019

The best of all worlds - personal coaching, group talks, webinars, a Facebook group and more.

Offering virtual and in-person events, with opportunities for live interaction as well as recordings.


Some people feel most comfortable working in a group setting, so I've created the best solution - a group boot camp that will be limited in size but not in value! You'll get to talk to other women who are going through similar situations, share ideas and help brainstorm potential actions. You'll also have a neutral and experienced guide in your corner - me!

Who doesn't need more unbiased support while you process challenges and make big decisions?!

I've created just the right platform to both share information and address the many issues you may be struggling with. We'll also celebrate your progress and acknowledge the project manager skills it takes to plan a wedding!


For 8 weeksyou'll have many opportunities to connect with your fellow boot campers and with me; live and recorded webinars, live and recorded Q & A call-ins, an in-depth workbook, a private Facebook group, 2 coaching sessions with Monica, and much more...

Over 8 weeks we'll cover many topics including managing all the details, sticking to a budget, stress reduction and life-balance tools, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, understanding your partner, and nurturing the changing relationships with family and friends.

Cost of The Empowered Bride Boot Camp: $299 (Value over $600)

Early Bird Discount of $50 if you email me by August 30th.

If you have any questions or would like to register for the Boot Camp, please Contact Me.

"I'm not ready to hand over my wedding plans..."

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Topics We Will Cover
  • Wedding Plans: Identify your "must haves" and discuss the challenges you face, which may include budget, guest list, wedding party, vendors, and executing the right plan.

  • Ways to manage and prevent stress: Find personalized ways to maintain your energy, your sanity, and your feeling of control over the duration of your wedding planning and beyond.

  • Family/Friend Dynamics: Find strategies and conversation starters to assert your needs and create a harmonious team that will be there for you for years to come, especially when multiple expectations, traditions, and values come to the forefront.

  • Build a Lasting Relationship: Focusing on strategies to have a positive and happy marriage over the long haul, we’ll lay the foundation for open conversation and the deepest levels of understanding. We can cover it all – from core values of your marriage and the how-to’s of managing conflicts, to exploring the 8 positive antidotes that wipe out toxic emotional behaviors in any relationship.

  • Conflict Resolution: Find out the best ways to settle disputes, give constructive feedback, be assertive while also being kind, and all the while turn conflict into opportunities.